Data Retention Policy

We will keep the information that we hold about you secure at all times.

You have the right to access information held about you and we will provide you with any information we have about you in accordance with data protection legislation. If you would like us to provide this information please contact us by writing to the address below or emailing us at

We will only hold your information for as long as we need to do so to meet our legal and regulatory obligations and to continue to provide a service to you.

We will hold information about you for the following periods:

Personal Data Type Retention period
•    Name, address, phone number, e-Mail address, number of dependants, income and expenditure, date of birth, name of employer and employment status, number of dependants
•    Bank account and card details
•    Loan history
•    Record of communications, system notes and    telephone call recordings
•    IP addresses
9 years from date of application or closure of last loan closure.
Copy bank statements Immediately the use for which the statement has been requested (e.g. validation/credit assessment) has been completed.
Marital status
Residential Status
1 year from the closure of the last loan or application
Surveys and competitions Until the survey has been completed and then anonymised.
Site usage including keystrokes, pages visited etc Anonymised as soon as collected.
Cookies 2 years


Updated June 2017


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